New Showroom

Nouvelle salle d’exposition

In order to better serve our customers, we recently moved our showroom to a brand new space. Located on Highway 116, in the popular industrial district of Longueuil, the premises are very easily accessible to anyone from the greater Montréal area. From the outside, we can easily be spotted thanks to the giant sign on the front of the building. Apparently, our mannequins and displays are clearly visible to people driving on the highway. Fun fact: We were even told that passengers travelling on the nearby commuter train particularly appreciate our evening window light show!


We also chose this location for the modern, warm and inviting space it offers. In the lobby, you’ll be greeted by a host of mannequins from our Art Mannequins collections. In the main room, our cutting-edge environment will lead you to discover our latest collection of displays, VIZION. The high, wooden cathedral ceilings, and the huge work table, are the key elements of this room; all so that we can discuss the best scenario for YOUR sales space! Did you see a particular display on our website, or in-store? If that’s the case, we’ll go down to the lower floor where there are samples of all kinds! There’s a good chance you’ll find the product you’re looking for, or at least a similar one. A few other display collections are showcased, so that you can easily imagine them in your own business.

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