Vizion collection

Collection Vizion

With the advent of online shopping, the retail market is evolving at a high speed, and Elite must also adapt accordingly. We’re in an era when a successful customer experience is the key to success. That’s why we’ve created a new collection of displays that reflects the latest trends in design and interior decoration. Pure, simple and delicate displays that are sturdy enough to showcase your products. Here’s a glimpse of our brand new collection: VIZION.

As you can see, we chose black, a colour that’s timeless and stylish. “Allowing an interior to be modernized in no time at all, creating a graphic atmosphere, or a softer one depending on the colours with which it is associated, black is above all refined, sober and timeless,” according to the famous magazine Marie-Claire Maison. Combining black metal and wood, this collection of displays will give an elegant, industrial touch to your business. Do you prefer another colour? No problem. The VIZION collection is versatile and can be adapted to your needs. Our team will help you analyze the different options.

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