Art Mannequins

Art Mannequins

Our new division: Art Mannequins

The mannequin, a renowned invention! From a merchant’s perspective, it promotes products and optimizes customer experience. It’s therefore directly associated with product sales, and thus equals profits. From the customer’s point of view, the mannequin is a facilitator. How many times have you heard a friend, uncle or parent say they “bought what the mannequin was wearing” because “it was so nice?”

But this life-size doll does more than just embellish window displays. It was carefully designed to fulfill several functions: please its target market, add value to the shopkeeper’s clothing, and match the shop’s decor, or even sometimes BE a decorative element.

It was therefore only natural for a store display company like Elite to start selling mannequins, products that are relatively complementary to its main niche. In order to offer the ultimate collection and satisfy customer needs, our owner-founders did their research to find a range of top quality mannequins, at very affordable prices. With more than 30 years of experience in selling store displays and mannequins, I can assure you that the Godbout brothers made the right choice!

In short, behind Art Mannequins stands a professional team, driven by a common passion for retail. Whether you’re looking for simple white busts, or a full-foot mannequin with colour and an exploded pose, we can surely help you! Art Mannequins is as much about stock products as it is about custom ones: our creativity and know-how will satisfy all your needs. Want more information about the personalized service offered by our specialists? Contact us today!

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