Point of purchase displays


Never leave your product display placement up to luck.

The way your products are presented to your customers is one of the key ways to stand out from your competition in the eyes of consumers. AZ offers you expert services in designing and building « store-in-a-store » displays created to enhance the presentation of your products and entice your customers. Our approach consists in understanding the fundamental needs of your business and establishing a store display strategy designed with your vision and goals in mind.

Our services include :

  • A full store display study
  • 3D modeling
  • Sample presentation
  • Custom-made production
  • Display delivery and installation

No matter your needs or your business domain, our experience in designing high-quality store displays will help you maximize your sales and perfect your store image.


A display should serve as a representative of your products in each store.

The goal is to make a store your products in all shps or they are assigned.

This achievement starts from your vision which is followed by the technical designs, the 3D rendering and if needed the Prototype.

Become partner

The retail trade is a passion for our team and with this passion comes our success.

In order to exceed the expectations of our customers, in our everchanching market, we need specialised partners.

If you operate a Wood Shop, or you are a contractor (commercial or residential) or a designer (commercial or residential) wishing to facilitate its tasks and increase sales. We will be interested to discuss with youto make an alliance

So do not hesitate to contact us at the: 514-380-5686