Art Mannequin Collections

Here you are on one of the most comprehensive pages of the Art Mannequins site, showcasing the various collections available for purchase. Click on one of the groupings below and discover the many matching poses for simplified shopping. Art Mannequins offers you a variety of mannequin styles and templates, each more original than the last. Store according to your target clientele and the garments on display in your sales area. And rest assured that our collections are always up to date with the latest trends.

Collection +One

A unique and complete collection of larger mannequins, available in 10 poses. Integrated and removable stiletto heels scream elegance and refinement. Each mannequin includes a 16″ round, tempered glass base with calf and foot connectors.

Collection Social Media

An ultra-modern collection with lots of options. For women, you can choose from four different heads, including our famous selfie head. Its removable wedge heels and square metal base make it unique. Men boast a casual, urban attitude that you’ll surely love. Most poses include a bag screw in one hand, and others have a hand positioned to hold a mobile phone.

Gene / Eve

A highly stylized abstract mannequin with features including slightly detailed fingers and abstract feet. You can choose from styles with or without a head. Beautiful pure white finish. Includes tempered glass base, calf connectors and installation kit.

Casual luxe

The name of this collection says it all. Very complete, it boasts 13 superb and varied poses. Includes removable stiletto heels and a round tempered glass base. With standard calf adjustment, standard foot adjustment and boot adjustment (15″ calf adjustment).


A collection of elegant, yet simple, female poses. Mannequins boast removable heels and a satin black finish with mirror chrome base. Choose from seven sophisticated poses. Includes calf adjustment and foot rod.


If you’re looking for an artistic touch that will complement your store’s unique décor, the Moda mannequin collection is just what you need. With their slender waist and androgynous look, these mannequins guarantee modern elegance. Include moulded shoes with removable heels and a tempered glass base with standard rod.

Studio M

This realistic collection offers several options for female faces and hair. Custom-made, these mannequins are available in 14 poses, with six sophisticated head options. Each mannequin includes removable heels and a tempered glass base, as well as a foot and calf connector.

Les classiques

This section includes a wide range of models from different collections to offer you clever merchandising options. Not familiar with window mannequins? Choose from the best styles below.

Maggie / Edgar

A very stylish collection with detailed, realistic features such as moulded hair and articulated fingers and toes. You can choose from a wide range of positions, including seated ones, and from mannequins with or without a head. Includes a tempered glass base, calf connectors and installation kit. Beautiful matt white finish.

Derek / Niki

Our most affordable collection with a limited number of basic poses. If you have a smaller budget, but want good quality mannequins, Derek and Niki are the perfect choice. Made of matt white fibreglass, they include a round tempered glass base with calf connector and foot rod.


Pure, clean lines make this collection stand out. It’s the only line with a moulded compensated foot, giving a very classic and relaxed look. With a choice of oval head, abstract head or no head. Also includes a choice of child poses. Boasting our white fibreglass finish, this collection includes one foot attachment and glass base.

Série Slate

Very stylized abstract mannequins with features including slightly detailed fingers, abstract feet and an oval head. Their beautiful, natural finish varies in shades of grey and blue. This type of finish gives a raw, soft and modern look. Includes a tempered glass base, calf connectors and installation kit. Please note that each model is unique, and that mannequins may slightly vary from one model to another.


Easily showcase today’s active lifestyle with our sports mannequins. They include a unique sprinter with raised right foot, allowing you to display high-tech shoes, as well as moving male and female runners. They all come in a matt white finish with ultra-realistic features and muscle definition. Made from durable fibreglass, they include a 27.5″ x 16″ oval, tempered glass base with calf connector and foot rod.


A life-size, transparent fibreglass mannequin that will certainly catch the eye. Includes a round, tempered glass base with calf connector and foot rod. Other colours are available upon special request.


A high quality, plus size mannequin at a reasonable price. Available with or without oval head, in a superb matt white fibreglass finish. Includes a tempered glass base, calf and foot connectors, and paint touch-ups.


Yoga, running, walking, skiing … these mannequins imitate our movements, no matter what the sport. Choose from 13 inspiring and very realistic poses, including 16″ metal bases with a satin chrome finish. All standing poses come with standard calf adjustment, standard foot adjustment and boot adjustment (15″ calf adjustment).


A couple with delicate and natural poses, at a reasonable price. Include a tempered glass base, two calf and foot attachments, and a repair kit. Available without head.

Série System

A revolutionary approach to mannequin design. This collection allows you to make your own half-busts, 3/4 busts and full-body male and female mannequins. Add an unlimited number of accessories to create countless outfits. Fibreglass components with white finish. Contain a 7/8″ flange that allows for bust adjustment on wood, metal or glass bases.


Daryl is our African-American mannequin. His light brown skin and light makeup give him a realistic look. Fibreglass with tempered glass base.