Store planning


The team at AZ Store Planning offers complete renovation, store opening and store planning services to businesses looking to stand out from the masses with superior store presentation design strategies

Devote more energy to your day-to-day commercial activities and let us make your store an inspiring, aesthetically pleasing commerce with a layout designed for optimal exposure. Our experts will make every moment your customers spend in your store a special one.

With our wide network of partners, let us guide you to the expert that suits you best. Whether for construction, design or merchandising, we will be able to orient you. Articulate your brand image to boost your in-store sales!

Our team are among the elite of the industry when it comes to creating a welcoming environment for customers looking to fulfill their specific needs. Be it for clothing boutiques, sportswear and outdoor activity stores, furniture outlets, pharmacies, libraries or hardware stores, our team of experts have you covered.
Outshine your competition and define your commercial image with us today.


One place ( Key in hand concept) to pick up what you need to expand your store, renovate or make a store opening.

We offer customized services in the design, the implementation of attractive showcase to attract customers, the design or choice of display and accessories to increase traffic in your business.

Establish strategic areas while respecting your brand promise or your vision.

Become partner

The retail trade is a passion for our team and with this passion comes our success.

In order to exceed the expectations of our customers, we need specialised partners.

If you operate a Wood shop, or are a contractor (commercial or residential) or a designer (commercial or residential) wishing to facilitate your tasks and increase your sales. We will be interested to discuss with you to make an alliance.

So do not hesitate to contact us at the: 514-380-5686