Warehouse planning


Whether you are dealing in office supplies, constructions supplies, clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, kitchen supplies or restaurant equipment, efficient and well-organized storage is one of the keys to maximizing space usage and optimizing your warehouse operations.

AZ Warehouse Planning possesses all the experience and expertise needed to help you get the most out of your space and optimize your warehouse productivity. Our planning proposals are complete turn key solutions tailor-made to your needs.


One place (key in hand concept) to pick up what you need to expand your store, renovate or make a store opening.

We offer customized services in the design, the implementation of attractive showcase to attract customers, the design or choice of display and accessories to increase traffic and traffic in your business.

Establish strategic areas while respecting your brand promise or your vision.

Become partner

The retail trade is a passion for our team and with this passion comes our success.

In order to exceed the expectations of our customers, In our everchanging market, we need specialised partners.

If operate a Wood Shop, or you are a contractor (commercial or residential) or a designer (commercial or residential) wishing to facilitate its tasks and increase sales. We will be interested to discuss with you to make an alliance

So do not hesitate to contact us at the: 514-380-5686

Warehouse Racks

Our goal  is to help you save on space by designing innovative, ingenious, rugged and secure storage solutions..

Our commercial storage racks are all custom-made with your warehouse layout in mind, no matter which domain you deal in.

  • Retail
  • Archive storage
  • Healthcare
  • Office supplies and furniture
  • Document storage
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Food and produce
  • Renovation supplies
  • …and more!

Hanger Organization

Designed to maximize productivity and simplify hanger organization and storage, our custommade hanger organization systems revolutionize merchandise treatment by allowing you to quickly move your supplies between your storefront and backstore.

We have been helping retail commerces for years with their space, time and cost-saving needs, all thanks to our :

  • Sliding or fixed counter systems
  • Freestanding or stable presentation racks
  • Mural storage systems
  • Transfer presentation racks
  • Work tables with hanger management systems