Store Display: 10 tips for Ideal Furniture!

Présentoir de magasin: 10 conseils pour le mobilier idéal!

Optimizing the sales area of ​​your business while highlighting its products is a guarantee of success. Hence the importance of defining your needs when selecting your furniture or store displays. The floor displays (or furniture) design choice must respect the DNA of your company and your brand image.

Here are 10 tips on how to choose and buy the ideal furniture for your business!

1. Identification of your Needs

The first thing to focus on when it comes to furniture and store displays is identifying your needs. Consider all the merchandise you want to present in the shop and list all the types of furniture you think you need.

Visualizing your ideal store and making a record will allow you to make an exhaustive list of your needs for furniture and store displays.

2. Layout and Optimization of the Sales Area

It is possible that your needs are varied and that you have a great diversity of merchandise to highlight. Take the time to design your sales space by imagining what would be logical to a customer and the natural links between potential purchases.

Look for a balance between the comfort of space, free movement and the presence of a good variety of products.

3. Type of Floor Displays According to your Products

In order to always present your products in their best light, think about the types of store displays that best fit your vision. Some products, such as clothing, may justify the purchase of adjustable displays while fixed displays may be preferable for other types of merchandise.

Think, for example of the seasonal rotation of your products and any adjustments it may require.

4. Types of Signage Tools

In addition to the layout of products, signage is also an element that requires hardware and must be thought about strategically. Think about your needs for floor display stands to display your promotions. Do you need them to be fixed or do you prefer them to be removable? What about an easel sign holder would you like it to be indoors and / or outdoors?

There are several display options available on the market, it all depends on the type of promotional display you want to put into place.

5. Design

You have chosen the color of the walls and floors, determined the mood and brightness of your store. Also think about the design of your furniture and your store displays! There is a wide variety of materials, finishes, and colors that can create an exceptional look.

The design of your furniture is another way to make your store unique and showcase your company’s DNA.

6. Back Shop / Warehouse

An organized store is an efficient store. Think about the best ways to have your backroom or warehouse and choose the displays, hardware and hanger management system, for example, that will help you maximize your space and performance.

The last thing you want is a messy back shop or warehouse. When it’s messy you can lose track of your inventory and, ultimately, your store.

7. Hardware for Wall Hangings

Wall displays give options to enhance the merchandise while saving space. When choosing furniture and displays for your store, take the time to do some research to discover all the options available to you in terms of hardware for wall displays. You may have new inspirations!

8. Cash Counter and Hanger Management System

The front counter is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a clothing store and, depending on the case, the rear counter. The cash desk of any type of commercial establishment is of crucial importance in terms of design and efficiency.

An integrated or external hanger management system can promote a clean and uncluttered cash space, save time and facilitate travel. Several formulas are available on the market according to your needs in this area.

9. Fitting Rooms – Bench, Hooks, Mirror, etc.

The Fitting room is an integral part of the shopping experience. Your change rooms must provide all the comfort and equipment for a pleasant experience. Provide a full length mirror in the fitting rooms and hooks to hang clothes on. Benches inside and outside the fitting rooms also allow guests to have somewhere to put their belongings and so that shopping partners can take a comfortable break.

10. Budget

It’s easy to get carried away by the expenses when choosing the furniture and displays of a store. Establishing a realistic budget, starting with the essentials identified as needs, will allow you to keep an eye on your expenses and, in some cases, guide your choices.

For an efficient trade and in conformity with your brand image, the optimization of your sales area and the choice of furniture as well as the displays are all essential elements of your store . As the market is full of more creative options than ever before, a good search for available solutions can help you design your space without breaking the bank.

You can also call in business development specialists to guide you in your thinking. The Elite team is here to help you create a space that suits you and contributes to the success of your business.

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