7 Criteria to Consider when Choosing a Shop Supplies Provider

7 critères à considérer dans le choix de votre fournisseur de présentoirs

Are you opening a new store or giving your store a makeover? Then you are probably looking to buy floor displays, hardware for your wall displays or window and interior mannequins.

You are the best at what you do and would definitely not recommend that your clients do business with unqualified partners. We wouldn’t either!

Here are 7 criteria to consider when choosing your shop supplies and mannequins provider.


Shop fittings is not only about choosing furniture and accessories, it’s about consumer science.

Trust experienced shop supplies providers who are always on the lookout for the latest trends to better advise you and provide you with quality products, deliver an outstanding after-sales service as well as a reliable technical support.

We have been passionate about retail for more than 20 years and we have positioned ourselves as a valuable partner for every type of business. We strive to consistently exceed your expectations, whether it’s a store opening, a daily design and equipment needs.


Your potential customers want to know that they are about to work with a quality company, and we understand that it’s the same for you!

Over the past decade, the Elite team has designed, developed and delivered many outstanding local and international projects. With a wealth of knowledge acquired from our experiences with many satisfied companies, it will be our pleasure to facilitate your projects.


When it comes to your store’s strategies, floor displays, hardware or mannequins, you don’t want to trust any shop supplies provider and end up with unwelcome surprises.

Elite’s Store Fixtures stand out for their unparalleled reliability in terms of advisors availability, the quality of the support given, as well as their products and materials.

4.Corporate Values

Nowadays, the product is no longer king. The values of a company and the experience it provides now play a bigger part in making it stand out. You do it for your business and we do it for ours.

As a shop supplies provider, we are proud to actively participate in the increased sales of our partners and customers. We are commited to making their profits grow and we put our expertise at their service to provide a design and a display that will concretely help them stand out.

5.Family Businesses

In an economy where access to products and services is expanding, many prefer to return to their roots and develop local values by working with local and family businesses.

6.Value for Money

While everyone is looking for the lowest price possible, the quality of the products is also an important consideration in the process of choosing a shop supplies provider.

It is a matter of honor for Elite to provide high-quality designs and products at an affordable price to allow big and small stores to stand out while respecting the DNA of their sign.

7.Customer Service

Customer experience is a must for any business that aspires to survive these days. You deserve as good a service as the one you put so much effort into providing to your customers.

Since 2017, Elite commited to make major investments in the development of a transactional website and an ERP to offer the best possible experience to its customers, both in store and online!

We know that you work hard to give your customers the best on the market. You also deserve impeccable service and top quality products.

When choosing a merchandising products supplier for your store, take a moment to consider these elements to find the best partner for you.

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