CARDEA Quebec products for disinfecting without breaking the bank

CARDEA Des produits québécois à découvrir pour désinfecter sans se ruiner

CARDEA is a Quebec-based range of personal protection products for both companies and individuals. Before gaining in popularity, this line mainly offered disinfectant gels, but now includes eco-responsible cleaners, different types of soap and automatic dispensers for the original hand sanitizer.

Disinfectant gel

CARDEA's disinfectant gel is an excellent alternative to the various products on the market, which can sometimes smell bad or leave an unpleasant residue on hands. In fact, our product has a gentle springtime fragrance and no sticky effect, as it leaves hands feeling soft. This hand sanitizer is available in several formats: 60ml, 250ml, 500ml, 700ml and finally, for commercial use for example, the 4-liter format is available as a gel and also as a fragrance-free sanitizing liquid.

Cleaning capsules

The latest addition to the Cardea range is a trio of cleaning capsules, each with a unique functionality. The first, Rhéa, cleans windows and mirrors. The second, Chloris, is a bathroom cleaner. The last, Gaia capsules, are multi-purpose. These environmentally-friendly products represent a major step forward for the Quebec market. Capsules are returnable and bottles are reusable, which greatly reduces plastic consumption.


Several types of soap are available in the Cardea range. You'll find hand soap, dish soap, toilet soap, window soap and even floor soap! Most come in a 4-liter format, which is more environmentally friendly, since you don't have to replace the plastic container often. These cleaners can be used at home or in the workplace.

Dispensing machines

At Cardea, not only can you buy the gel or liquid disinfectant you need to protect your customers or employees, you can also find a dispenser adapted to the product in question to facilitate disinfectant distribution. The various models can be wall-mounted, floor-standing or even countertop-mounted. They can also accommodate either a liquid, gel or foam product, so you need to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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