5 Reasons to Do Business with Elite Store Fixtures

5 raisons de faire affaires avec Présentoirs Élite

You have finally made the decision to open your own store or to transform your business in order to update it with new floor displays, hardware for your wall presentations, mannequins, busts and other types of specialized equipment .

For a prudent partner choice and a turnkey service, we recommend that you choose Elite Store Fixtures. Here’s why!

1. Our Experience

The Elite Store Fixtures team has been specialized for more than 20 years in the custom design and import of furniture, visual display hardware, mannequins, busts and other specialized equipment for store fittings. We are passionate and put our experience at your service to assist you in the creation of a unique and prosperous commercial space.

We give ourselves the mission to become a leading partner to contribute to the success of your business thanks to high-performance products that will give life to your brand image.

2. Our Reputation

The Elite Store Fixtures team has designed, developed and carried out a large number of projects over the past decade for several department stores, large brands and independent retailers, both locally and internationally. We have a rich background, and varried knowledge acquired from many satisfied companies, at your disposal to carry out your most ambitious projects with ease. We will be happy to make your life easier while creating an exceptional result, no matter the size of your project.

3. Our Turnkey, Tailor-Made Service

We want to offer all our customers a personalized experience according to their needs, by establishing a partnership and trust.


Our transactional website and online ERP since 2017 allow us to offer the best possible experience to our customers, online as well as in store or in an agency. We have also recently offered you the opportunity to explore our collections in the brand new showroom at our head office in Saint-Hubert.

You are thus able to explore furniture collections, mannequins and other specialized equipment for the layout of your business in a way that suits you. .


In addition to our wide selection of high quality products, we offer you to create your custom furniture and mannequins to make your store unique. Our large production capacity also allows us to deliver your parts on time, which saves you some of the stress that comes with renovating or opening a store.


The unrivaled reliability of our advisers in terms of availability, the quality of our support as well as the quality of our products and materials distinguish us by allowing us to provide you with an unique experience as well as results that meet your expectations.


To complete our promise to simplify your life, we offer the delivery and installation of your furniture, displays, mannequins and other equipment, as well as unrivaled after-sales service to meet all your future needs.

4. Company Values

Elite Store Fixtures takes great pride in its active participation in increasing the sales of its partners and customers. The growth of your profits is important to us and we work hard to design displays and commercial spaces that will help you stand out in your industry.

5. Value for Money

We are aware of the reality of companies and their search for an advantageous value for money. This is why Elite Store Fixtures makes it a point of honor to offer all its customers high quality designs and products at an affordable price. One of our priorities is to allow small stores as well as large brands to stand out while respecting their corporate DNA.

For store openings or makeover projects, trust the real experts in terms of commercial space planning and merchandising products. The Elite Store Fixtures team works tirelessly to always offer the best experience and the best products on the market, at competitive prices. Contact us to discuss your next project!

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