Female mannequin Studio M Pose V15

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Female mannequin Studio M, seated, head turned to the right, left hand against left cheek, right arm resting on right lap. Made to order collection, please allow 90 days for delivery.

Description et spécifications - Female mannequin Studio M Pose V15

Made to order mannequin collection is available in fourteen poses with your choice of six head options. Each mannequin includes removable heels and a tempered glass base. All mannequins include a foot and calf fitting.The mannequin is shown in matte white finish, however the finish is fully customizable. Seated mannequins do not include the cube. Specifications: Height: 72 1/2'' / Bust: 34'' / Waist: 25'' / Hips: 35'' / Neck: 12'' / Heel height: 4'' / Shoe Size: 7 / Seat height: 17 3/4''.

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