Sales Policy - Présentoir Élite


ÉLITE and its divisions sell mainly to retailers. However, we also have a niche market for architects, designers, store planners, and manufacturers.



New customers will be required to pay by credit card, money order or wire transfer.

No orders from existing accounts will be shipped without prior credit approval.

In order to obtain credit approval, new customers must complete in full our credit application form and qualify. Once approved, the conditions will be forwarded to the new customer for their acceptance.



Prices shown are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of issue hereof by ÉLITE or from any quotations forwarded, according to the availability of the merchandise. After the expiry of 30 days, prices are subject to change at the discretion of ÉLITE and without notice.

For any customer located within Canada, the prices quoted are in Canadian dollars and payment must be made in Canadian dollars. For the customers located outside Canada, prices must be converted to U.S. dollars and payment must also be made in U.S dollars. These prices do not cover duty, exchange rates or any local taxes charged by your local government.



All order of less than $50.00 will be subject to a handling fee of $50.00. The amount set for the minimum order requirement of $50.00 excludes shipping costs.




A 40% deposit is required for all custom or special orders.


All cancellations must be communicated immediately. According to the state of the order, a cancellation fee may be required.


All our prices are based on the specified quantity and packaging which can change without notice. Any variance of quantity from the one specified package will be considered as a special order.

In some cases, arrangements could be made to repack the product. In these cases, a repackaging fee will be applied.