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According to health officials, washing your hands is one of the best ways to limit the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this regard, if you’re a retailer or an employer, it is important to offer the proper tools to your customers and employees. A portable sink and washstation may thus be an indispensable piece of equipment to respect the sanitary measures. This is why Elite Store Fixture offers its customers the opportunity to purchase such necessary amenities.

Our hand washing station

Elite Store Fixture provides its customers with two types of washbasins and hand washing stations. Both of these stations operate in a closed-loop system. This means that they can function without needing to be connected to a source of running water. Thus, each station acts as a stand-alone washbasin. Furthermore, they also do not require electricity. Instead, the hand wash sink is powered by a foot pump. The water is pumped from dedicated reservoirs that can be filled and emptied as needed. Our stations are available in white and grey-black, and have a special weather-resistant coating. Both of our portable sink models and washstations are suitable for a variety of purposes.


For starters, we offer a simple portable sink. You can equip it with two 20 liter water tanks, which provide approximately 100 to 150 hand washes. One tank is filled with fresh water, while the other collects the used waste water.


This washstation is fitted with only one sink. Therefore, it can only be used by one person at a time. It measures 60 inches in height, 24 in width, and 18 in depth. Now, our double hand wash sink offers its users two washbasins. As such, it can be used by two people at the same time. With its 200-liter gallons, 800 to 1000 people can wash their hands before you have to empty and refill them. This washstation measures 72 inches in height, 25.5 inches in width, and 49.5 inches in depth.


Both of the portable washstations offered by Elite Store Fixture have a minimum life span of 10 years. However, proper maintenance must be ensured in order to make them last. It isn’t complicated – all you need to do is clean the sink well and remove the plumbing when it is not in use. You should also make sure that the tanks do not freeze during winter. Furthermore, you can connect a water heater to it so that water is dispensed at an appropriate temperature during colder weather.

Where can you use this hand washing station

The nice thing about our sinks and washstations is that they can be used wherever they are needed, regardless of the location. Typically, these portable sinks can be found in three types of settings. First, they are often used in the construction industry. This allows workers who arrive at the construction site to quickly and easily wash their hands. Seeing as it uses a fresh water tank and foot pump, our station can be set up even in places where there is no running water or electricity.


Schools are also part of the establishments where our portable sinks and washstations prove to be useful. Namely, they encourage students and staff to wash their hands all while limiting the costs that can result from using hand sanitizer. Both of our stations can also be installed to service grocery stores or at the entrances of any other type of business.


One of the most remarkable benefits of our portable sink is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors alike. Thanks to its special resisting coating, this washbasin can withstand even the harshest weather conditions and remain effective in any situation, no matter the setting. In this regard, it can also be used at outdoor events, such as a fairground or a sports tournament.

Elite Store Fixture: your provider of sanitary equipment

There is no shortage of benefits to using a sink and washstation. For one, hand washing is more effective against the spread of coronavirus than simple disinfecting gel. For another, it is less damaging to the skin of your hands. So with the rinse and wash module by Elite Store Fixture, healthy hand washing has never been easier. By offering these types of solutions, we are contributing to the health of our communities.