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Face masks have quickly risen to become an integral part of North American society. Already widespread in Asia, their use has only become more popular in Canada due to the health measures required to combat COVID-19. A respirator mask, just like a surgical mask, can be useful in many ways. Not only does it protect against bacteria or viruses, but the higher end of these masks is also designed to block airborne dust and particles.


Users of non-medical face masks tend to seek out these two important criteria when choosing their respirators: comfort and quality. Whether for an individual or for a company, respirator masks are an effective way to contribute to the health of our community.

The different types of disposable face masks we offer

The respirator masks available at Elite Store Fixture help you stay protected, even in the context of a global pandemic. They are designed to take on the classic look of surgical masks and are considered to be universal and dustproof. Therefore, they can remain useful even outside the time of a pandemic.


For example, these masks can be used on public transportation or to keep harmful particles out during times of heavy smog. They are made from the highest quality materials and created with the user’s comfort as the highest priority. This makes them a great way to protect your loved ones and yourself at the same time.


Our non medical masks are designed to be as close as possible to the ASTM Level 1 manufacturing standards. Very strict, this standard holds manufacturers responsible for producing masks that can block 97% of airborne particles.

Take note though, that the masks sold by Elite Store Fixture are not certified as such by Health Canada. These masks are not recommended for medical or surgical use.


Our masks come in one size that fits most adults as well as children 8 years and older. The elastic ear loop allows them to fit the user’s face for better protection. For young infants, we also sell disposable protective masks that are fitted to their faces. This way, the whole family can benefit from the protection made possible by our product.


The respirator masks sold by Elite Store Fixture come in a variety of formats. You may purchase them individually at $0.60 per mask. They are also available in packs of 10 and boxes of 50 disposable masks. For large purchase quantities, it is possible for your disposable masks to be personalized. They can therefore be adorned with the logo of a company, for example.

How users can benefit from our disposable face masks

Elite Store Fixture’s range of non-surgical face masks offers a number of benefits to its users. For starters, they are designed with your best comfort in mind. Masks provided by employers or purchased cheaply often prove to be particularly uncomfortable for those who wear them. Worse yet, they can create a barrier that makes breathing difficult.


Thanks to our respirator masks, you no longer have to worry about such inconveniences. Due to their light weight, our all-purpose face masks can be worn for long periods of time without becoming cumbersome. Moreover, the materials we use to make our masks do not hinder their users’ breathing  and do not irritate the skin. We made sure that you can benefit from good protection without the disadvantages often associated with a face mask.


Another great benefit of our disposable respirator mask is that it easily fits one’s features. On the one hand, its 3-layer surface allows it to adequately cover the wearer’s entire face. On the other, it can be easily fixed onto the nose by its metal clip. This keeps the mask from slipping, which would compromise its effectiveness. In order to achieve optimal protection, we recommend adjusting the clip in a way that would create a waterproof barrier.

Elite Store Fixture supports you in times of pandemic

As part of our company’s mission, Elite Store Fixture has recognized the importance of sanitary protection equipment against the novel coronavirus in our community. That’s why we’re doing everything in our power to provide you with the supplies you need. Along with our range of disposable face masks, we offer protective visors, as well as an antibacterial gel or alcohol-free disinfectant cleaner. We believe it’s now easier than ever to protect yourself while supporting the health of those you love, thanks to these products. It is only by working together that will we overcome this pandemic and any others that may come. Contact us!