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Hand disinfection is among the most important public health measures to combat the global COVID-19 pandemic. While it can not effectively replace the act of washing your hands, it can help halt the spread of the virus quickly and efficiently, regardless of the public location where it is used.


Actually, this wall-mounted soap dispenser has rapidly become a staple in businesses and facilities. If you’re a retailer or a manager, it is now crucial that you can provide accessible hand sanitizer stations to your customers. Thanks to the wall-mounted soap dispenser by Elite Store Fixture, this task is now easier than ever.

The features of our wall-mounted hand sanitizer

Elite Store Fixture offers both a hand sanitizer station and a hand sanitizer display. Here are the main differences between these two products. For starters, the station contains a 4-liter bottle of our CARDEA antiseptic gel. It is also sold with a poster that tells the customer, or anyone else in the intended audience, to disinfect their hands. As such, it is a turnkey solution for hand disinfection in public places. Both of these products, the station and the hand sanitizer display stand, are made from a sturdy material. This makes them lasting and durable. When installed outdoors, they can easily withstand the rigors of the weather.


In order to use our gel hand sanitizer display and station, you must fit them with a bottle of hand sanitizer gel and a hand pump. A customer or visitor can then simply press on the pump to receive the amount of sanitizer gel they feel is necessary to disinfect their hands. As some pressure is applied to the bottle, as well as the display or station, during this process, you can secure them to the floor with the provided screws. The station and display alike can thus stay stable when being operated by a customer. In turn, the hand sanitizer bottle can be secured to the display with the included bracket in order to protect it from theft.

The benefits of our sanitizing gel display

Whether you’re looking at our wall-mounted hand sanitizer station or the disinfectant gel display, both provide your business or establishment with great benefits to offer your customers and visitors. For starters, unlike automatic disinfectant gel dispensers, both products are highly adaptable in the type of gel that can be used. The automatic disinfectant gel dispensers are very effective, but you must choose a single type of motor to dispense the product. Since our station and display stand are operated manually, no motor is required, so they can be used with many types of disinfectant.


There is no shortage of benefits at the retailer and property manager level either. In fact, both products can be installed anywhere their owner desires. For example, they can be placed at the entrance of the store to sanitize customers’ hands. Our display and hand washing station can also be installed in other strategic locations along the customer’s path. Consequently, this can have a positive impact on hygiene compliance, but also on the retailer’s image and reputation. By providing its customers with the right equipment, a store demonstrates that their health is of utmost importance and that its premises are compliant with government recommendations. In this regard, it is a hygiene solution that kills two birds with one stone.

Elite Store Fixture: Your supplier of choice for sanitary equipment

Thanks to a hand sanitizer station, keeping your hands clean is an easily achievable essential measure to implement if you want to overcome the current health crisis. It requires minimal effort and delivers proven results in curbing the spread of COVID-19. Moreover, the act of offering a quality hand disinfectant liquid to your customers, like the CARDEA antibacterial hand gel, for example, encourages them to do their part in complying with the sanitary measures. Mind you, a quality gel is usually gentler on the skin of your hands, all while providing effective disinfection.


These products, along with the use of hygiene items such as a protective visor or respirator, help to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. It is only by working together and all doing our part that we can overcome this crisis. Contact us today to get the equipment you need to support the health of your community.