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As the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the globe, several companies have turned to the manufacture of antiseptic or hand-cleaning products. Some have used this as an opportunity to effectively contribute to the health of their communities. However, antibacterial products can sometimes contain questionable ingredients and prove to be damaging to the hands of their users. For instance, many have already had the unpleasant experience of their hands becoming completely dried out from disinfectant cleaners. Fortunately, there are solutions such as the Anti-Microbe alcohol-free hand sanitizer available at Elite Store Fixture.

What is the Anti-Microbe Natural Disinfectant?

The Anti-Microbe natural disinfectant is created from an alcohol-free formula. However, that doesn’t make it any less effective against germs; quite the opposite. Actually, when used as intended, this alcohol-free antibacterial cleaner can kill just as many of the harmful bacteria and microbes in the environment. This makes it a solution that is both useful and efficient.


Instead of opting for alcohol as many other disinfectants do, this natural cleaner relies on benzalkonium chloride. While not as widespread as alcohol, this substance is nothing new. Benzalkonium chloride has long been used as an antiseptic in hospitals and other medical settings. One of the principal benefits of this product is that it does not cause tingling when it comes into contact with an injury. This ensures that using this natural disinfectant remains comfortable for people with open wounds on their hands, which cannot be said for gels that have an alcohol base. In addition, it is more suitable for people with sensitive skin.


The Anti-Microbe cleaner comes in several sizes that are suitable for all types of usage. It is thus possible to purchase it in a pocket-size format (60 mL), a bottle of 550 mL, or even a gallon of 20 liters. Each of these formats contains a foaming pump that administers the correct dosage of the cleaner.

The benefits of the Anti-Microbe alcohol-free hand sanitizer

On top of our own CARDEA range, we also offer several other products and disinfectants. Among them, you can find the Germa Plus antibacterial surface cleaner. This natural disinfectant cleaner is made with benzalkonium chloride, an extremely effective substance that is widely used in medicine. It allows you to quickly kill up to 99% of germs, from bacteria to viruses and fungi.


The Germa Plus surface disinfectant is sold in two formats: either in a 4-liter bottle or an 800-milliliter spray. It is both easy to use and gentle on the materials of the surface that it cleans. However, keep in mind that this product should only be used on hard, non-porous, smooth surfaces to be fully effective.

How to use the Anti-Microbe alcohol-free cleaner

You use the Anti-Microbe natural disinfectant spray much like you would use a traditional antibacterial gel, with a couple of changes. First, this cleaner is not administered as a gel. Instead, it is a light, antibacterial foam. Once you have applied it to your hands, you simply rub them together for at least 30 seconds until it’s fully absorbed. You can then let it dry. This cleaning spray does not need to be rinsed off after use.

The Anti-Microbe alcohol-free hand sanitizer is suitable for people of all ages. However, young children should not be allowed to use it without adult supervision, in order to avoid accidental ingestion. Intended to be used topically only, it is recommended to avoid contact with the eyes. In case of ingestion, contact a poison control center or doctor immediately.

Multi Action 5 antibacterial cleaning product

Manufactured in Quebec, Multi Action 5 Surface Disinfectant is one of the most powerful products offered by Elite Store Fixture. It is based on isopropyl alcohol and is widely used in hospitals to completely get rid of harmful germs. Multi Action 5 is actually capable of destroying up to 99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses that may be on surfaces. It works best when used on non-porous materials.


Multi Action 5 is available in two formats. The larger, at 4 liters, can be transferred into antibacterial spray bottles. The smaller format, at 800 milliliters, includes a sprayer implemented into the bottle. Simply spray the surfaces that you wish to disinfect with a generous amount of Multi Action 5 and let it work for ten minutes. Once the ten minutes are up, rinse the surface off. As with any of our other products, Multi Action 5 should be kept out of reach of young children and animals.

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Today, it is more important than ever for individuals and businesses alike to have the proper tools to protect themselves, as well as their communities. From natural cleaning gels to masks and visors, every gesture counts. At Elite Store Fixture, we firmly believe that every member of the society is responsible for maintaining good collective health. By providing the appropriate tools in response to the health situation, we help protect our loved ones and our communities. Together, we can face this coronavirus pandemic and any other that may follow. Contact us to discover all our solutions.