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In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, now more than ever, proper surface disinfection has claimed a crucial role in our daily routines. It is responsible for eliminating invisible microbes, bacteria, and harmful viruses that lurk on the surfaces we use at work and at home. To help you achieve cleanliness and safety, Elite Store Fixture offers you a variety of disinfectant cleaners and antibacterial sprays for hard surfaces. When used as intended, these disinfectants will help protect you from harmful microorganisms that can severely affect your health. Here are the products we currently offer:

Our CARDEA hand sanitizer gel

Our CARDEA range of sanitary products includes several disinfectants that are essential for ensuring the overall health and safety of your community. Among other things, this includes our hand disinfectant gel. However, it also features the Hygie hard surface disinfectant. Produced by our team of chemists, this cleaning and disinfecting solution allows you to quickly disinfect any of the hard surfaces that you work on. In fact, it can be used to clean and disinfect all types of hard surfaces. Hygie will not damage the material that it cleans. Do note, however, that it should be kept out of reach of children and animals.


Our Hygie disinfectant cleaner not only rids your room of any harmful bacteria, but also gives it a feeling of freshness, thanks to its lime and lemon scent. It also effortlessly dissolves dirt and grease. Used with an antibacterial sprayer, you can employ it for many things: for example, disinfecting and cleaning a school bus in less than 5 minutes. Hygie is available in a 4-liter format or in an 800-milliliter spray bottle. You can easily adapt it to any of your disinfection needs.

Germa Plus natural antibacterial cleaner

On top of our own CARDEA range, we also offer several other products and disinfectants. Among them, you can find the Germa Plus antibacterial surface cleaner. This natural disinfectant cleaner is made with benzalkonium chloride, an extremely effective substance that is widely used in medicine. It allows you to quickly kill up to 99% of germs, from bacteria to viruses and fungi.


The Germa Plus surface disinfectant is sold in two formats: either in a 4-liter bottle or an 800-milliliter spray. It is both easy to use and gentle on the materials of the surface that it cleans. However, keep in mind that this product should only be used on hard, non-porous, smooth surfaces to be fully effective.

Bioxy + hard surface disinfectant

Our range of disinfectants also includes antibacterial products designed to help keep your professional workspace surfaces clean. With our Bioxy + hard surface sanitizer, employees in the food and industrial sectors can drastically reduce the number of microbes on their workstations.


Sold in a 4 kg format, the powder must be dissolved in water to create an acidic disinfectant solution that eliminates multiple types of microbes.

Multi Action 5 antibacterial cleaning product

Manufactured in Quebec, Multi Action 5 Surface Disinfectant is one of the most powerful products offered by Elite Store Fixture. It is based on isopropyl alcohol and is widely used in hospitals to completely get rid of harmful germs. Multi Action 5 is actually capable of destroying up to 99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses that may be on surfaces. It works best when used on non-porous materials.


Multi Action 5 is available in two formats. The larger, at 4 liters, can be transferred into antibacterial spray bottles. The smaller format, at 800 milliliters, includes a sprayer implemented into the bottle. Simply spray the surfaces that you wish to disinfect with a generous amount of Multi Action 5 and let it work for ten minutes. Once the ten minutes are up, rinse the surface off. As with any of our other products, Multi Action 5 should be kept out of reach of young children and animals.

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In light of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the team at Elite Store Fixture has embarked upon the mission to equip its community with all the tools they could ever need to protect themselves from the virus. To this end, we offer all types of equipment against Covid-19, such as respirators and protective visors. Together, we can help improve the health of our communities and stay safe in this pandemic, as well as any others that may follow.