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If a pandemic as massive as the Coronavirus (or COVID-19) has taught us anything, it is that washing our hands is more important than ever. Naturally, we may ask ourselves: how do we make sure to keep our hands clean when we are out shopping, for example? This is where a product like a hand sanitizer comes to the rescue. While it does not replace hand washing, it does quickly eliminate up to 99% of the bacteria present on our hands. As such, antibacterial hand sanitizers have become an essential part of many people’s daily lives, both at home and in public.

CARDEA hand disinfectant liquid is an effective antiseptic solution

The CARDEA hand sanitizer gel is a hydroalcoholic solution made in Quebec. Consisting of a mixture of water and ethanol, it provides a quick and effective antiseptic cleansing when it is applied on hands, as long as they are dry and without dirt. To benefit from its antibacterial properties, users only need to put a small amount in their hands.


Once that is done, all they have to do is rub them together until the gel is completely absorbed in the skin. This hand cleaner efficiently eliminates harmful bacteria and microbes when used as intended. In this way, the CARDEA hand sanitizer helps its users keep their hands clean even when they are without direct access to a sink or soap.


Thanks to this gel, everyone can remain clean and protected, all while contributing to the good health of their community. In addition to being a great disinfectant, the CARDEA hand sanitizer gel also offers multiple benefits.

For starters, thanks to its 70% alcohol-based formula, it leaves no residue on the hands, unlike many other antibacterial gels currently available on the market. Therefore, its users can greatly benefit from its protective properties, while saving themselves many inconveniences such as sticky or viscous fingers.


This hand cleaner solution was also intended to be gentle on the skin of your hands. Those who make a habit of using the CARDEA antibacterial hand gel can finally say goodbye to the dry and damaged hands that often come as a result of using other disinfectant liquids.  While some hand sanitizers have a particularly strong and unpleasant alcohol smell, CARDEA offers you a light spring scent. If you happen to be allergic to perfume, this product is also available absolutely free of any fragrance. Everyone can enjoy its disinfecting abilities.

Who can benefit from the CARDEA antibacterial hand gel?

The CARDEA antibacterial hand sanitizer can be used in any setting where one must or wishes to disinfect their hands. Its basic format is available for personal use in a 60-milliliter bottle. This allows the user to take it with them wherever they go. Thanks to this portable size, the user can enjoy the security of always having their trusted disinfectant handy, when needed. The 60-milliliter format is a squeeze bottle that does not require a pump.


The CARDEA gel can also be used in stores or schools. It can be placed at the entrance, with or without a vending machine, in order to help retailers ensure the health and safety of their customers. This benefits the clientele and the staff alike, seeing as both will be better protected from harmful bacteria and microbes. Several businesses in Quebec already rely on CARDEA. Most notably, you can find it on the premises of National Bank, TD, Jean Coutu, and more than thirty schools.

The CARDEA hand disinfectant liquid comes in various formats

Aside from the personal use format, the CARDEA hand cleaner is available in various sizes. Thus, both consumers and distributors can get it in a format of 250, 500, or even 700 mL. For use on a larger scale, the CARDEA hand sanitizer gel is also available in 4L bottles that come with a pump. This way, its users can be sure that their needs will be covered, no matter what.

Elite Store Fixture is your reliable supplier in times of crisis

Hand sanitizer gel is one of the new staples of our everyday lives that has established itself with the arrival of COVID-19. However, this option is even more efficient when combined with other solutions, like Plexiglas, that help protect the population against the novel coronavirus. This is why, at Elite Store Fixture, we have chosen to focus our efforts on offering sanitary protection equipment. We believe that it is now more important than ever to make sure that everyone has access to the necessary tools to protect themselves and their close ones. It is only together that we can defeat this pandemic, and be prepared for the next.