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In response to the global coronavirus pandemic, health officials have been quick to implement a number of necessary measures. These include wearing a respirator mask, disinfecting and washing your hands, and social distancing. When applied by every member of the community, they can help stop the spread of a virus such as COVID-19. At Elite Store Fixture, we have dedicated our efforts to helping our clients make sure that these measures are respected. As part of our sanitary equipment range, a social distancing decal can help them make a real difference in their community

How can you benefit from a COVID-19 sticker?

Strategically using social distancing decals provides a business or public facility with a variety of benefits. In order to ensure the respect of certain important sanitary measures, there are several reasons why this sticker may even be an indispensable tool in your arsenal. For starters, implementing the guidelines recommended by health authorities can demand quite a lot in terms of company resources. In some cases, the company may not even be able to afford the workers dedicated to this task. Therefore, a COVID-19 decal can replace the otherwise unavailable staff.


Apart from clearly identifying the various hygiene measures in the business, a social distancing sticker can also be placed at strategic locations. This way, it serves the purpose of an indicator, as well as a reminder of the various health measures along the customer’s journey. A social distancing decal is also an efficient way to hold the establishment’s customers accountable for following the rules. This allows the establishment to deal with unruly customers more easily. A COVID-19 sticker, therefore, proves to be a simple and inexpensive tool, benefiting its users by promoting respect for sanitary measures within any type of public place.

Maintain a safe distance with a social distancing sticker

Social distancing is one of the most important health measures, among all the sanitary guidelines implemented by the authorities. This is due to the fact that the novel coronavirus is transmitted by small droplets, so contact that does not maintain a certain safe distance is considered a high risk of contamination. However, by maintaining social distance, one can considerably limit the transmission of these droplets. Naturally, it can often be more difficult to enforce this measure in public places. For instance, it may be challenging to actively monitor whether customers respect social distancing or not. And if it is, indeed, possible to monitor them, this task can be particularly costly in terms of human resources. But a social distancing sticker can help enforce these measures.

There are two types of social distancing decals available at Elite Store Fixture, each with its own purpose. First, our customers can choose a COVID-19 decal that indicates the location where a customer should wait in line. This way, our “Wait Here” sticker can be used to ensure that queues within a store remain socially distanced. It is sold in two shapes, either rectangular or round. Whichever shape you pick, this sticker is made of erosion-resistant vinyl and is a bright red color that is hard to miss.


Elite Store Fixture also offers a social distancing decal that indicates the direction of movement. These red and white floor stickers have the traditional shape of an arrow and help guide the customers’ path throughout the store. So, by placing them inside your business, it becomes easier to enforce the distance required by public health authorities, all while limiting the intersections between the shoppers. In this regard, the directional stickers can therefore be essential in an establishment with several closely spaced aisles, for example. More info

Promote sanitary measure compliance with a COVID-19 sticker

In addition to social distancing, health officials have implemented several other necessary measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Wearing a respirator mask and washing hands, for example, are both crucial in ensuring the health of our community. However, much as is the case with social distancing, making sure that customers follow these measures can cost a retailer a great deal of resources.


In this context, a custom sticker, like the ones that are part of our COVID-19 decal range, can prove to be very useful. Elite Store Fixture offers a number of COVID-19 stickers that point out the necessary individual measures, as part of our effort to help customers respect the authorities’ guidelines in times of a pandemic.

First, there is the sticker that encourages contactless payment. This saves employees from having to handle a large amount of cash, which can be a vehicle for transmission of the virus. In addition, it encourages the store’s customers to prepare their payment method in advance, which can help speed up the queues.


Second, we also offer a sticker that promotes hand sanitization. This custom floor sticker can even be placed on the wall, near a dispenser for antiseptic gel. Thanks to this sticker, employees and visitors to the store are encouraged to disinfect their hands at the entrance, as well as in other strategic places.


Like the rest of our COVID-19 stickers, the hand washing sticker asks the visitors to properly wash their hands. It can be placed on the floor or on the wall. Our customers can also acquire two stickers that encourage local shopping. The red and blue stickers emphasize the importance of buying Canadian (red) or Quebec (blue) products. More info

Protect your community, thanks to Elite Store Fixture

When dealing with a pandemic, it is crucial that everyone has access to proper health protection equipment. After all, these tools can be used to try and stop the spread of the virus by complying with the measures recommended by health authorities. And this is exactly why Elite Store Fixture offers such equipment to its customers. We believe that this is how we can do our part to protect the health of our communities. Contact us today and let’s see how we can meet your sanitation needs.