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Businesses and institutions have found themselves having to ramp up their efforts to enforce health measures due to the context of the current global pandemic. In no uncertain terms: every single member of the community must respect sanitary guidelines if we are to contain the spread of COVID-19. However, it is not always easy for a company or a public institution to allocate the necessary resources to monitor their compliance.


This is why Elite Store Fixture offers a variety of COVID-19 signs to help enforce the health measures in public places. They are easy to put up, and cover all the basic sanitary guidelines as well as some specific ones. Used strategically, a coronavirus sign can make the lives of managers and retailers much easier.

Self-adhesive social distancing sign

To make sure that customers continue to respect hygiene measures on the premises of their business, Elite Store Fixture offers its clients a self-adhesive social distancing sign. These signs are specifically designed to promote and enforce health guidelines, and can be placed on the wall of a facility, as well as on any other type of surface such as a counter or floor. Our self-adhesive signs are abrasion-resistant because they are made of high-quality vinyl. They are available in 5 different formats, each relating to a specific health instruction.


First, you can purchase a poster that advertises wearing a mask when entering the premises of an establishment. This eye-catching COVID-19 sign can be displayed on the front door of the store. It thus reduces the need to intervene with a customer who is not wearing their mask.


Next, we also offer a poster that prompts hand sanitization. Unlike the previous COVID-19 sign, this one is available both in standard and sticker formats. In its standard format, the poster is 9 inches by 12 inches wide.

It features an image that invites visitors to disinfect their hands. This format is designed and suitable for use with an alcohol-free antiseptic or a disinfectant gel dispenser. In its sticker format, the round poster is 12 inches in diameter. We also offer the hand washing poster as a sticker. It can be placed near a sink or hand washing station, for example.


Our range of COVID-19 signs also includes a design that promotes contactless payment. This self-adhesive poster can be placed on the checkout counter of a store, among other locations. Highly eye-catching, it prompts customers to prepare their contactless payment method even before they arrive at the cashier.


Finally, our local shopping signs can be placed at the entrance of the store or near the cash registers. These round signs thank customers for choosing to shop locally during these more challenging times. One of these posters emphasizes buying in Quebec (in blue), while the other  – in Canada (in red).

COVID-19 and health measures sign

Our COVID-19 and health measures sign is like a turnkey solution. At once, it is a poster that promotes social distancing, as well as hand sanitization, contactless payment, and more. It is made of foam core, which makes it sturdy and durable. Thanks to its versatility, this poster will help business owners or store managers to remind those who enter the premises of an establishment of the necessary health measures.


Its large size of 22 inches wide by 28 high and its bright red color make sure that it quickly catches the visitor’s eye. This allows them to quickly learn about the health rules in place on the premises. You can purchase the poster alone or get it with a stand that will let you install it in strategic locations. Our COVID-19 and health measures sign is printed on both sides.

Get the sanitary equipment you require, thanks to Elite Store Fixture

In times of a global pandemic, every member of a community must do everything in their power to safeguard the health of their loved ones. And in the fight against the novel coronavirus, having access to the right sanitary equipment can be crucial. The proper tools, paired with closely following health guidelines, can help slow the spread of the virus. That’s why, in addition to posters for COVID-19, Elite Store Fixture also offers you essential equipment, such as a protective mask or visor. Take a look at all of our products or contact us and find out how we can meet your needs.