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When it comes to washing and disinfecting your hands, good hand soap can make all the difference. It is also a measure supported by health authorities around the world and promoted as essential when dealing with COVID-19. Therefore, as retailers, employers or individuals, we all must do an effort to serve the health of our community with the best hand washing equipment possible. Recognizing our customers’ need for a quality sanitation solution, we’ve done everything we can at Elite Store Fixture to make it happen. And that’s why we provide you with the hand soap that you need in order to wash your hands in the most efficient way possible.

The properties of our hand soap

Aside from disinfection, hand washing is one of the most effective ways to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. In fact, good hand washing can eliminate a considerable portion of harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses. There is a reason why washing your hands is one of the most recommended measures by health authorities as a response to the global pandemic.


At Elite Store Fixture, we offer our customers the following two types of hand soap. The first, more classic, comes in liquid form. Branded Athena, this soap belongs to the CARDEA range and offers the benefit of being particularly gentle on the hands. Thanks to this soap, repeated washing does not harm the user’s hands. It can therefore be used occasionally as well as in an environment that requires constantly washing your hands, for example in the catering industry. Athena is sold in 4-liter bottles and offers you a pleasant cherry scent, which is another reason why our customers enjoy this product. Our liquid hand soap range also includes an antiseptic soap that does not require rinsing.

Hand soap is an indispensable tool for effective hand washing

Properly washing your hands three main steps. First, you should wet your hands before applying the soap. Then, you must rub his hands together for 20 seconds, making sure to spread the soap all over your hands, including the thumbs and fingernails. Finally, you should rinse and dry your hands. Considering the simplicity of this process, it shouldn’t be hard to understand the importance of using an effective, high-quality soap to combat germs.

When should you use hand soap?

Hand soap is a versatile product that can be used to quickly disinfect your hands in any situation that might require it. According to health authorities, you should frequently wash your hands. It is recommended to do so after sneezing, using public transportation, and upon entering or exiting a public place. Thanks to a good waterless hand cleaner, the inconveniences that are often associated with frequent hand washing, such as drying your hands, can be easily avoided.

Our waterless hand cleaner

There may be situations where access to water or a sink for effective hand washing is simply not possible. In this context, you may be tempted to use an antiseptic gel such as the one in our CARDEA range. The disinfectant gel can be very effective, but it isn’t a valid substitute for hand washing.


To this end, Elite Store Fixture also offers a liquid soap that does not require rinsing. This antiseptic soap comes in the form of a foam and disinfects hands quickly and efficiently, without the inconveniences of an alcohol-based gel when dispensed with the pump. Since it is benzalkonium chloride-based, it is just as effective as any other disinfectant or hydroalcoholic soap.


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You can count on our team for all your sanitary needs

It’s a good idea to use quality hand soap like the ones offered by Elite Store Fixture. However, it is by incorporating it into a complete healthcare routine that you can truly make a difference. Our hand soap is versatile and can be combined with other equipment to give you the optimal protection against harmful microbes, bacteria and viruses. For example, it can be used with our hand washing stations. These can be moved around and used wherever they are needed. Our team also offers respirator masks, transparent protective visors, and a variety of other equipment to protect you from a pandemic. This is how we can all work together to overcome the current health crisis, as well as any future ones to come.