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Administering disinfectant via an antiseptic gel dispenser machine is one of the most commonly used measures to contain the spread of COVID-19. In fact, while good disinfection cannot replace proper hand-washing, it can nonetheless limit the expansion of harmful viruses and bacteria. In the face of the new coronavirus, it has become an essential practice. To encourage proper use of the disinfectant, it may be a good idea to install an automatic antiseptic gel sanitizer dispenser. And that’s exactly the kind of solution Elite Store Fixture offers.

Our automatic gel sanitizer dispensers

The automatic gel dispenser machine by Display Store Fixture is sold in three versions: as a wall dispenser, as a standing dispenser and as a countertop dispenser. This makes it versatile, allowing it to be used at any time, anywhere. This dispenser is powered by AA batteries and is made from recycled and recyclable plastic. Thanks to these properties, it contributes to limiting the amount of waste generated by compliance with hygiene measures. Furthermore, the wall-mounted version of our dispenser is easy to install. You can actually fix it in place with two simple screws or even just glue it to the wall. Each model contains a tray that collects surplus disinfectant that drips from the dispenser when it opens or misses the customer’s hand. In this regard, it mitigates the damage that can be caused by pump dispensers.


Our highly adaptable antiseptic gel dispenser can be equipped with three different nozzle types optimized for the substance of the disinfectant being administered. Firstly, it can operate with gel disinfectant. Thus, it proves to be useful in the daily use of this product. Secondly, the dispenser can provide the disinfectant in liquid form. This option is especially widespread in schools as it allows for quick disinfection and easy drying. Finally, it can also release disinfectant in the form of foam. This makes it ideal to be used with our CARDEA product as well as our alcohol-free disinfectant – Anti Microbe. Do take note, however, that each distributor can only operate with one of these products, so make sure to choose carefully when ordering.

The benefits of using an automatic gel sanitizer dispenser

A step up from manual machines, our automatic gel sanitizer dispenser offers several benefits. For instance, it uses a motion sensor to tell when the user’s hands are in place. It then dispenses a specific amount of antiseptic gel when the hands are detected. So, the first benefit of this automatic gel dispenser machine is the ability to limit the contact between the customer’s hands and a pump or a gel bottle. After all, they don’t have to operate the pump themselves. Since it is now more important than ever to avoid unnecessary contact, this benefit is particularly relevant.


Second, just like our automatic soap machine, our automatic gel sanitizer dispenser is easy to use. Seeing as customers only need to place their hand in front of the motion sensor, getting the needed disinfectant becomes quick and effortless. This way, even customers who are more averse to using antiseptic gel can be encouraged to disinfect their hands. In addition, unlike a dispenser with a pump, you only have to refill the tank when it is empty, rather than changing the entire disinfectant bottle.

As mentioned earlier, the automatic gel dispenser can be set up on the counter, on the wall, or on its own stand. As such, it can be installed at any of the key points in the customer’s journey through the store or facility. This has for purpose to increase the availability of health measures, thus encouraging their use. On top of that, you can prompt customers as they enter the store by placing the freestanding version, along with a poster encouraging disinfection right at the entrance.


Finally, the fact that our gel dispenser is automated ensures that only the right amount of disinfectant is dispensed every time. For a business, this gives the customer exactly what they need to effectively sanitize their hands. At home, dispensing the right amount of sanitizer can save money.


Seeing as a user cannot receive more than they need, everybody wins when using our antiseptic gel dispenser.

Elite Store Fixture, for a sanitary environment at its best

In light of the new coronavirus pandemic, Display Store Fixture has pledged to provide its customers with all the sanitary amenities they need. To this end, we offer our disinfectant dispensers, as well as our Plexiglas panels and our respirators. This equipment and our collective efforts is what will allow us to manage this pandemic, and any future ones, with ease.