Commercial soap dispenser | Elite Store Fixture

While they were already part of our daily lives, the use of sanitizer dispensers has become much more widespread since the pandemic began. With hand washing being one of the most important measures to contain COVID-19, according to health officials, these dispensers have become indispensable. In response to our customers’ urgent need for reliable and high-quality commercial hand sanitizer dispensers, Elite Store Fixture has decided to include them in its range of products.

Our commercial soap dispensers

We offer two models that cater to a variety of needs, so that our customers can enjoy all the health benefits of washing their hands. For starters, our customers can opt for our manual hand sanitizer dispenser. This white dispenser is very easy to use and is made of plastic that is both recycled and recyclable. You can fill it with soap quite easily, by acquiring your hand sanitizer of choice, for example: the Athena hand soap, from the CARDEA range. Then, all you have to do is simply fill the dispenser’s tank.


It also isn’t hard at all to use our manual soap dispenser. All the customer has to do is press the dispenser pump with their hand. As a result, this releases a specific amount of sanitizing gel; the customer can choose to get more by pressing on the pump several times. This wall-mounted dispenser is quite easy to install. Simply stick it onto a surface, near a sink or on the wall of one of our hand washing stations. It is an environmentally friendly product, because it replaces traditional soap pumps and limits the use of plastic.


Elite Store Fixtures also offers an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser to our customers. Similar to our automatic antiseptic gel dispenser, it provides a number of benefits. The mechanics within the automatic dispenser are made from recycled plastic. It is designed to automatically release the right amount of liquid soap every time. As an owner, you can thus set how much soap is dispensed in order to limit the waste of soap by its users. This option is also a lot more hygienic in nature. Namely, users do not have to touch the pump handle in order to get soap. This way, the automatic soap dispenser reduces the number of surfaces users must put their hands on, and consequently limits contamination. This makes it extremely effective in times of a health crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic.

Why choose a gel sanitizer dispenser rather than a foam soap dispenser?

Generally, a retailer or manager that wishes to install a soap dispenser at their place of business has to make a choice: liquid soap or foam soap. At Elite Store Fixture, we prefer to offer our customers only the liquid soap dispenser, for several reasons. For starters, liquid soap is by far more appropriate and effective than foam soap. Foam soap contains air within the substance, therefore it actually dispenses less sanitizing material. As a result, foam soap can thus prove to be less effective when washing hands.


This is when a gel sanitizer dispenser can motivate its users to better wash their hands. On one hand, the foam soap dispenser produces a form of soap that makes users less likely to properly rub their palms together. On the other, liquid soap can encourage them to properly wash their hands in order to turn the sanitizing substance into a lather. Therefore, choosing our liquid soap dispenser promotes more efficient hand washing for your customers.


Last but not least, a liquid soap dispenser also gives its owner more leeway in choosing the product they seek. In general, suppliers have a much greater choice of liquid soap than foam soap. This is due to the fact that foam soap needs to be specially produced to this end, while making liquid soap is much less demanding in terms of labor. It is therefore a more common and convenient product for a customer or public facility owner to use.

Elite Store Fixture: encouraging effective hand washing

Like the antiseptic gel dispenser, the commercial hand sanitizer dispenser is a part of essential amenities that visitors in a facility, or customers at a business expect to be easily accessible. As a result, it has become a must-have piece of equipment for companies that are looking to promote the implementation of proper healthcare practices. And by encouraging their clients to wash their hands well, they promote the well-being of their whole communities. Working together, we can get through this crisis by combining this equipment with the use of respirators and protective visors