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Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, one item in particular has gained an indispensable place in our daily lives: the hand sanitizer dispenser. Whether it is a soap dispenser or an antiseptic gel dispenser, it fulfills a number of essential measures imposed by public health authorities. If we want to overcome the global pandemic, we must limit the spread of COVID-19 by promoting proper hand washing in our communities. To help our corporate customers enforce this practice to their own customers, we offer both soap and antiseptic gel dispensers.

A commercial soap dispenser ensures proper hand washing

During a pandemic, it is essential that you wash your hands frequently, in addition to disinfecting them. Seeing as they touch a great number of surfaces, our hands can be the perfect vehicle for harmful bacteria and viruses to be transmitted between people.


As a retailer or owner of an establishment, it is therefore important that you provide every visitor and member of staff on the premises of your business with the right equipment to respect these sanitary measures. In addition to a sink, it can be very helpful to use a commercial soap dispenser instead of relying on bar soap. At Elite Store Fixture, we offer two types of commercial hand sanitizer dispensers.


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Respect sanitary measures at all times with an antiseptic gel dispenser

When it simply isn’t possible for you to wash your hands, for one reason or another, it is highly recommended to frequently disinfect them. In such a situation, an antiseptic gel dispenser is the perfect solution for you. Thanks to this product, both the employees of a business as well as its visitors can limit the spread of germs, including harmful viruses. Elite Store Fixture offers 3 different types of antiseptic gel dispensers: wall-mounted, free-standing, and countertop.


Each of these models is made to last and can be powered by conventional AA batteries. Seeing as they are all automatic, they help limit contact with germs left behind by other users. Our 3 models are designed to be installed in locations where they may be needed the most. For example, the stand model can be placed at the entrance of an establishment, but also at key points along a customer’s path. The countertop dispenser, on the other hand, can be installed near a cash register. This puts it within reach of both your staff and your customers alike. The wall dispenser is easy to attach to the wall with screws or a self-adhesive. Each antiseptic gel dispenser is made of recycled and recyclable plastic and can be filled with one of the following 3 types of product: foam, gel, and liquid. More info

The automatic soap dispenser

For those who want to take advantage of automation, we also offer an automatic soap dispenser. Unlike the manual soap dispenser, this one does not require the user to touch the pump in order to dispense the required amount of soap. This reduces the spread of harmful germs from contact with the pump.


On top of that, this dispenser helps limit soap waste by dispensing only the amount of soap that a single user would need, every time. In order to install our automatic soap dispenser, all you have to do is simply stick it to the wall or mount it with the provided screws.

The benefits of liquid soap

Unlike other options on the market, Elite Store Fixture soap dispensers are designed to dispense liquid soap exclusively. The reason for this choice is that liquid soap has a number of advantages over its foam counterpart. For starters, it dispenses more soap. This is due to the fact that the foam soap is mixed with air in order to give it a foamy texture.


This way, the dispenser provides users with less soap every time. Furthermore, liquid soap encourages its users to thoroughly wash their hands, seeing as it needs to be lathered up when applied to the skin. Last but not least, liquid soap is generally easier to find on the market than foaming soap. So by choosing a liquid soap dispenser, a retailer allows themselves to have access to a wider range of soaps: for example, our Athena hand soap.

Elite Store Fixture: your partner in sanitary equipment

Specializing in the distribution of dispensers and displays for stores and companies, we have quickly recognized the need that our customers have for high-quality sanitary equipment in the context of a global pandemic. By using our products, our clients can now effectively ensure the good health of their community and their own customers alike. In order to achieve this, we have made it our mission to provide the best possible equipment on the market. From respirator masks to disinfectant dispensers, such as antiseptic gel stands, we offer you an all-in-one solution for all kinds of sanitation equipment.