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The use of a respirator and a transparent visor is one of the most effective ways to remain protected against viruses. Nevertheless, it is necessary to implement the most appropriate measures if we want to limit the spread of viruses as much as possible. Thanks to their effectiveness and compliance with social distancing measures, we can curb the transmission of harmful microorganisms. If you wish to preserve the health of your loved ones, Elite Store Fixture offers you a complete range of transparent full face shields. This is why Elite Store Fixture offers a variety of COVID-19 signs to help enforce the health measures in public places. They are easy to put up, and cover all the basic sanitary guidelines as well as some specific ones. Used strategically, a coronavirus sign can make the lives of managers and retailers much easier.

Our range of transparent face visors

The plastic face shield is an essential part of medical equipment to protect against Covid-19. When it is combined with other protective tools, such as a respirator, it can can prove to be very effective in limiting the spread of viruses and harmful bacteria. At Elite Store Fixture, we offer a number of face visor models that can be suitable for various uses and situations.


To begin with, our transparent facial safety shield is available in a fixed model. You will enjoy wearing it thanks to a durable, padded elastic band that contributes to the comfort of its users. The same face visor also comes in a pivoting design, as well as in a format that is suitable for children. There is also an option that can be fixed to the visor’s pallet. All of our plastic face shields have a standard thickness of 10 millimeters. The Elite Store Fixture protective visor can also be used with a construction helmet, pivoting or not. These visors are designed for sturdiness and durability and have a thickness of 20 millimeters. Therefore, they are resistant to impacts that can be caused by working in harsher conditions.

The benefits of a transparent full face shield

While this piece of protective equipment against Covid-19 does not replace measures like the respiratory mask and social distancing, it offers a number of benefits for its users. For starters, the transparent protective face visor keeps large droplets from flying out of your mouth and spreading to others when you speak.


In this regard, it curbs the transmission of certain airborne viruses that travel through these droplets. On top of it, the safety shield protects the user by covering the front of their face. This too proves to be a significant benefit, seeing as the human eye can be a gateway for viruses and harmful bacteria.


The transparent visor can also be worn pointing away from the face. This way, it does not block the user’s airway. This contributes to good respiration. Furthermore, because the visor does not fully rest against the face, it can be more comfortable to wear over time. For example, this could benefit supermarket employees.

Since the plastic face shield gives the user more freedom to breathe, it does not direct moisture from the air inhaled into a specific opening. In this regard, if the user wears glasses, this means that they can enjoy the protective face visor not fogging up in case they are wearing a breathing mask. The transparent polycarbonate also makes the visor suitable for those with impaired hearing. This is because you can still see the facial expression of the person you are talking to and read their lips if necessary. This way, it promotes good communication for all.


Despite its many benefits, our range of plastic face shields is still less effective than a respirator mask. Therefore, when used in a hospital setting, it has to be combined with a mask in situations where social distancing is not possible. While the visor does protect against large droplets, it cannot block aerosols – the small droplets through which the Covid-19 virus travels. When used with a breathing mask that blocks aerosols, this visor provides its wearer with complete and optimal protection.

Stay well protected with the appropriate equipment

With good sanitation, you can counter the Covid 19 pandemic. This is why Elite Store Fixture is doing everything it can to equip you with the protection you need. In addition to visors and respirators, we also sell disinfectants and other commercially available compliance materials. From disinfectant dispensers to crowd control stations, small businesses can count on us to protect their communities. Contact us to discover all the protective products offered by Elite Store Fixture.