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Disinfectants for home use have become an essential part of our daily lives. At Elite Store Fixture, we know that health needs to be considered holistically and its maintenance should be applied to all the places we frequent on a day-to-day basis. This is why we offer our customers a full range of home disinfectants as part of our CARDEA brand.

Our CARDEA hand sanitizer gel

Our CARDEA hand sanitizer gel can be used both at home and in the office. It is made in Quebec and formulated to be effective against germs, all while remaining gentle on the skin of your hands. Whether you’re coming home or arriving at work, it allows you to effectively disinfect your hands. This way, it helps keep your hands clean even if you don’t have access to a sink.


The spring scent of our CARDEA disinfecting gel makes it even more pleasant to use. It is specially designed to leave no residue on the user’s hands. This means that you can finally say goodbye to viscous or sticky fingers, which are a frequent and unpleasant side effect of using other antiseptic gels. The CARDEA hand sanitizer gel is sold in different sizes. With 500 and 700 milliliter formats, it is suitable for a variety of tasks, like disinfecting at home, for example. It is also available in a 4-liter format for use in companies.

Our bathroom disinfectant cleaner

Our CARDEA range also includes a home disinfectant specifically designed to be used in your bathroom. Its unique formula quickly eliminates up to 99% of germs, bacteria and viruses found on the surfaces of your bathroom. The CARDEA bathroom disinfectant cleaner is available in two variants.


The Borée variant is a disinfectant that comes in liquid form and is easy to spray onto your bathroom surfaces and washbasin. The Éole variant, on the other hand, comes in the form of an easy-to-apply cream. Whichever formula you choose, you can enjoy its light and pleasant fragrance.

Hestia, a household disinfectant for your floors

It’s a common practice to disinfect hard surfaces like counters and tables in homes and offices. But what about floors? After all, these too are not immune to droplets and other particles that can carry harmful microbes. That’s why we include a floor sanitizer in our CARDEA household disinfectant range.


Hestia is a disinfectant designed to eliminate the harmful particles that can settle on your floor, keeping it as clean as possible. It is easy to use and you can also enjoy its sweet citrus scent. As a natural disinfectant, it will not damage your floors, which makes it a product that you can rely on.

Our other products for home and office

Not only do we offer disinfectants for the home, but we have also developed various cleaning products that can suit an office setting. These can be very useful both at home and at work. Moreover, all the products in our range are sold in recyclable containers. Do note, however, that they should be kept out of the reach of children.


The Athena soap from our CARDEA range is gentle on the hands and allows you to wash your palms quickly and effectively. As hand washing is recognized to be one of the best ways for combatting viruses such as COVID-19, Athena is considered to be an indispensable ally in everyday life. Our soap is available with a cherry fragrance.


Elite Store Fixture also offers Hécate and Hélios concentrated dishwashing detergents. Both are available in a 4-liter format and leave behind a fragrance of lemon and lime for Hécate, or only lime for Hélios. Last but not least, the CARDEA range is also equipped with a glass cleaner, Héra, which is available in a 4-liter format as well. It can be used with a vaporizer for better distribution.

Elite Store Fixture: an indispensable sanitary solution

Now more than ever, the use of sanitary products such as antibacterial sprays is essential for sanitizing your house. Thanks to them, we can protect ourselves every day from harmful microbes in the environment, such as the coronavirus. But household disinfectants are just one of the protective elements that make up our holistic approach. We also offer products such as respirator masks and full face shields. By making the effort to apply the right hygiene measures with the right equipment, we can overcome dangerous viruses and bacteria together.