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Disinfection is one of the most important allies in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. However, to do this effectively, you need the right disinfectant spray and sanitizer gel. By using this product, we can eliminate a number of viruses and bacteria that are hazardous to our health. For this reason, Elite Store Fixture offers its customers a complete range of disinfectant sprays and sanitizer gels.

The CARDEA hand sanitizer

Although it is not a proper substitute for washing your hands, hand sanitizer is now more important than ever in helping to protect against harmful microorganisms in the environment. Locally manufactured in Quebec, our CARDEA brand hand sanitizer gel offers all the benefits of other sanitizer gels without many of their drawbacks. When used as intended, this sanitizer gel eliminates up to 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses.


The special formula of CARDEA hand sanitizer gel offers a multitude of benefits. As a hydroalcoholic gel (made of 70% alcohol base), this antiseptic leaves no residue on your hands. We can thus finally say goodbye to sticky or viscous fingers that are a known side effect of many other disinfectant gels. It is also designed to be gentle on the skin of your hands. For the user, this means that disinfecting your hands will no longer cause drying or damage. In addition, it also features a light spring scent that replaces the strong alcohol smell that is prevalent in most antiseptic gels. Our CARDEA hand sanitizer gel is available in a variety of sizes. From the 60-milliliter bottle to the 4-liter bottle, it can prove to be an invaluable ally in many situations that require quick and effective disinfection.


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Household disinfectant

When faced with a global health crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for us to make every effort in order to limit the spread of the virus. And these efforts can often start right at home. This is why Elite Store Fixture provides its customers with a complete range of disinfectants and cleaning products that can be used within the household. As part of the CARDEA range, Elite Store Fixture offers a disinfectant for the bathroom and another for floors.


The first, Borée (in liquid form) or Éole (in cream form), is a disinfectant for the bathroom that can be applied directly to the surfaces that need to be sanitized. It can quickly and efficiently kill up to 99% of the germs, bacteria and viruses usually found in those places. Also suitable for use in the office, it can easily disinfect an entire room in a matter of minutes when paired with a sprayer, leaving behind a light and pleasant fragrance.


Our Hestia floor sanitizer, in turn, eliminates microorganisms and viruses that are present on the floor of a home or office. Being a neutral disinfectant, Hestia does not damage floors, no matter what type of material they’re made from. It is easy to apply and leaves the disinfected floors with a citrus scent.


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Hard surface disinfectant

Whether in a residential or a professional setting, it is absolutely crucial to disinfect surfaces that are used on a daily basis. Equipped with the right products and tools, it is now easier than ever to eliminate the likelihood of COVID-19 particles finding their way onto those surfaces. The Hygie surface cleaner from Elite Store Fixture’s CARDEA range makes the disinfecting process quick and simple. Hygie can be used to disinfect and clean the majority of hard surfaces. Moreover, it does not damage the material of the surfaces that it is applied on. Since it easily dissolves dirt and grease, it makes any cleaning or disinfecting task easier. Hygie comes with a light scent of lime and lemon. It is available in both an 800-millimeter spray bottle and a 4-liter gallon.


Elite Store Fixture also offers a number of other surface disinfectants. Notable among these is the powerful disinfectant Multi Action 5, which can destroy 99% of germs on any surface that it is used on. We also offer products for disinfecting work surfaces in the catering industry. When used as intended, these products allow you to maintain a healthy working and living environment free of harmful bacteria.


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Alcohol-free hand sanitizer and cleaner

Sometimes it is not possible, or not recommended to use alcohol-based disinfectants on the skin or certain surfaces. In such situations, you can always count on the alcohol-free cleaner and antibacterial gel from Elite Store Fixture. The alcohol-free hand sanitizer, branded Anti Microbe, is based on benzalkonium chloride and offers the same benefits as its alcohol-based counterparts. In fact, the use of this cleaner is very common in medical settings and has been present within healthcare facilities for a long time now. Among its many advantages, Anti Microbe does not cause discomfort on contact with a wound and does not irritate the skin. On top of that, it requires 50% less volume to be effective than alcohol-based gels.


Among other alcohol-free surface disinfectants, Elite Store Fixture also offers Germa Plus, which is based on the same benzalkonium chloride formula. It is extremely effective and can be used on any type of hard and non-porous surface. Germa Plus is available in a 4-liter format or as a 1-liter spray bottle.


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Everything you need in sanitary equipment, in one place

The right sanitary equipment can make all the difference when it comes to limiting the spread of viruses and harmful bacteria like the novel coronavirus. At Elite Store Fixture, we were quick to embrace our role as a sanitation equipment distributor. Not only do we offer sanitizers, but we also sell all sorts of other equipment that a business or individual may need to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. We believe that by working together, we can truly ensure the health of every member of our community.