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Every company and business with a physical location has an integral role to play in the context of today’s healthcare situation. Now, it is in fact more important than ever to recognize the best ways to enforce the health recommendations imposed by the authorities. However, in order to achieve compliance, business owners, retailers and managers may need to invest a great deal of valuable resources. For example, companies may need to dedicate their staff to the task of enforcing measures like social distancing and the use of disinfecting equipment by their customers. This is where signage stickers come to the rescue. Our COVID-19 decals indicate to customers such directives as where to stand and where to clean their hands. The coronavirus-adapted stickers offered at Elite Store Fixture allow you to save both time and effort.

Our range of COVID-19 signage decals

Elite Store Fixture provides its customers with a variety of different stickers, each relating to a specific COVID-19 policy. Every one of our COVID-19 decals is bilingual. This includes the “Wash your hands” floor sticker, which is designed with a pictogram asking people who see it to wash their hands. It also indicates the duration of proper hand washing, which should be at least 20 seconds. These stickers can encourage the use of washbins and hand washing stations when placed near them.


Our range of products also features two stickers that promote local shopping, one for Quebec and one for the rest of Canada. These stickers, in blue and red respectively, are an easy way for businesses to thank their customers. The “Thank you for shopping local” decals are only available in a format designed to be placed on the floor.


For businesses that require customers to make a payment, we offer a signage sticker that indicates a preference for the contactless method. In red, it clearly shows a contactless payment and mentions that the business prefers to be paid this way. When placed on the floor in front of a cash register, it allows customers to save time in preparing their payment method. It also saves employees from having to handle change.


Since wearing a mask is now mandatory in all public places, we provide businesses with signs that remind customers to put on their masks when entering the premises. This reduces the need for establishments and businesses to monitor their customers in order to make sure that they are following these measures.


Finally, Elite Store Fixture offers a COVID-19 decal that promotes sanitizing the hands of customers or facility users. On top of healthy hygiene habits, it also encourages people to systematically disinfect their hands. This sticker is designed to be placed on the floor, for example near a hand sanitizer dispenser.

The material of our coronavirus-adapted stickers

Each and every one of Elite Store Fixture COVID-19 signage stickers is made of high-quality vinyl. This material allows them to resist abrasion. Therefore, your company can continue to use them for a longer period of time. This range of stickers is designed for being placed on the floor. They are round and have a diameter of 12 inches (about 30 centimeters). For larger orders, it is possible to make these stickers in a custom size.


The vinyl decals in our COVID-19 range can be applied to a variety of surfaces. They hold well on glass, ceramics, and even concrete if it is smooth and clean. However, we strongly recommend you not to apply them outdoors. They will remain functional, but weather conditions can accelerate their deterioration. They could also peel off more easily, which can reduce their effectiveness.

Elite Store Fixture is a health partner you can rely on

Specialized in manufacturing displays and mounts, Elite Store Fixture has been able to meet every demand for protective equipment against COVID-19. Due to the pandemic, businesses and facilities are forced to create a healthy, sanitary environment for their customers and we are here to help them achieve it.


To ensure compliance with sanitary measures, we have introduced our line of products to protect against coronavirus. In addition to our COVID-19 signage and social distancing decals, we also offer a hand sanitizer gel. On top of that, our range includes personal protective equipment such as respirators and protective visors. This is how we make a difference for the health of our community. Contact us to find out more about our full range of products.