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Since the coronavirus pandemic began, public institutions have had to resort to protective sanitary equipment in order to remain operational. Along with respirator masks and gel sanitizer dispensers, many have adopted plexiglass protection panels as well. These protective dividers are particularly useful in limiting the exchange of germs or bacteria in situations where remote contact is impossible. Therefore, their use has become widespread in places like stores, that feature cash registers. However, many have probably noticed that these panels can get dirty very easily. This is where a plexiglass cleaner comes to the rescue.

Why is it important to use a plexiglass cleaner?

If you have plexiglass panels or clear acrylic dividers installed in your business, you may want to consider getting a plexiglass cleaner. This product is much better suited for the task than, for example, a conventional glass cleaner. The reason is simple. Plexiglass is actually a derivative of plastic, rather than glass. As such, cleaners designed for windows aren’t optimal for this type of material and it is recommended to use something more specialized. A plexiglass cleaner thus offers a number of benefits.


First, by cleaning a plexiglass sneeze guard with a proper product, a store owner or manager can make their investment in protection panels last longer. This way, the dividers that were installed in response to a health crisis can retain some usability even after. Who knows, maybe they can even be recycled or repurposed, and given a second life. In order to make this possible, however, it is crucial to guarantee their proper maintenance.


Furthermore, using the right plexiglass cleaner will help improve the overall appearance of the facility in which it is used. Finally, it is important to maintain an acceptable level of hygiene, especially during a pandemic. By opting for a specialized cleaner, you make it easier for yourself to keep a polished, aesthetically pleasing appearance thanks to clearer plexiglass surfaces. Even when cleaning glass windows, it can actually be more effective than other all-purpose cleaning products.

Our plexiglass cleaner

Elite Store Fixture is proud to offer a plexiglass cleaner specifically designed to help our customers enjoy all the benefits of proper sanitation – and more. Our all-in-one cleaner is capable of cleaning and polishing any surface made of plastic. This makes it an ideal solution for cleaning plexiglass guards or transparent acrylic panels. This is by far the most effective solution for properly cleaning these types of surfaces.


This inexpensive plexiglass cleaner is therefore very accessible and can quickly become an indispensable tool for the maintenance of your protection panels and sneeze guards. Its innovative formula is absolutely free from any abrasive or aggressive chemicals. This makes it a gentle cleaner on the skin of your hands, all while remaining highly effective for the surfaces, even those not made of plastic. This cleaner is available in 2 formats. For one, you can get it in an 8-ounce bottle. This contains a spray tip, so it can be used to spray the product on the surface you want to clean. Secondly, it is available in a 64-ounce gallon. You can purchase this product individually, or in bulk.

Héra window cleaner

On top of our plexiglass window cleaner, we also provide our clientele with an effective glass cleaner. This product, branded Héra, allows you to clean the windows inside a business, facility or home quickly and easily. Not only is this cleaner one of the rare products of its kind made in Quebec, but it also leaves behind a pleasant scent. It is sold in 4-liter bottles.

The benefits of using our plexiglass cleaner

As mentioned earlier, our cleaner’s unique formula offers a number of very interesting benefits. For starters, it is anti-fogging. Once applied, it leaves behind a film that prevents the surface from fogging up. In doing so, it helps to facilitate visibility and communication on both sides of the plexiglass guard. Our cleaner also eliminates static electricity.


The plexiglass cleaner by Elite Store Fixture helps keep your panels clear longer. This is due to the fact that it has a dust-repelling effect when applied. Therefore, dust does not deposit on the panel as easily. Thanks to its long-lasting effect, this cleaner also prevents fingerprints from soiling the clear acrylic panel. It thus retains its transparency longer.

Maintain your sanitation equipment in good condition, thanks to Elite Store Fixture

Having access to the right sanitation equipment can be a real game-changer during a global pandemic like COVID-19. From protective visors to clear acrylic panels, Elite Store Fixture has what you need to comply with the health regulations in place. Contact us to find out how we can help you meet your needs.