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No matter where you use it, the clear acrylic or plexiglass protection panel is a quick and effective solution. It also helps to protect both the employees of the business, as well as the visitors and customers present on its premises. Paired with sanitary equipment and social distancing compliance, this product can help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Elite Store Fixture offers a variety of acrylic and transparent plexiglass barriers to its customers.

Countertop plexiglass sneeze guard

This countertop protection panel is one of the most popular products that we feature. The plexiglass shield is available in 2 different sizes, mainly meant to protect the workplaces of cashiers and salespeople. In fact, its primary purpose is to separate an employee from the customers they are serving. Its PVC stand is easily installed, as it only needs to be placed on the counter.


It can be removed as easily as it was set up. This type of panel can be purchased in sizes ranging from 24 to 36 inches wide and 32 to 35 inches high. Generally, we recommend you to opt for a minimum width of 32 inches for optimal protection. This panel includes an opening for card and cash transactions.

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Hanging plexiglass protection panel

Our  hanging protection panel is similar to the countertop plexiglass shield, except that it is suspended from the ceiling. It is available in 2 sizes, 32 x 36 inches or 32 x 48 inches, and can be easily fixed to a ceiling in your establishment. It is sold with all the necessary screws and chains that are designed for ease of hanging. Seeing as it is suspended from the ceiling, it is less cumbersome for the counter.


As such, it is a product that is particularly well-suited for venues that have minimal counter space or feature lots of products. Our hanging protection panel is especially popular with customers who run a convenience store.

Restaurant plexiglass sneeze guard

Our restaurant plexiglass barrier is slightly different from the other two shield types. While it is also a panel made of plexiglass, it is easier to remove and change places. Restaurant owners can thus easily fix its metal plate to any table of their choice. When a customer is assigned their table, the restaurant staff can attach the protective plexiglass to the metal panel with its magnetic system.


Therefore, this type of panel allows for a wide variety of configurations in order to accommodate different sizes of groups while keeping the customers separated as per social distancing regulations. This product is sold in 3 different sizes: 22 by 24 inches, 22 by 30 inches, and 22 by 48 inches. The metal base is coated with paint that improves both its esthetics and durability.

Plexiglass protection panel on stand

This type of protection panel is designed to work completely autonomously. It is made of a plexiglass guard that is mounted on an aluminum frame. This allows it to have the necessary stability to be practical in everyday life, but keeps it light enough to be easily repositioned when needed. It is available in 32 “x 76” or 48 “x 76” sizes. Since its legs are removable, it can be disassembled for easy transport.

Our other plexiglass protection panels

At Elite Store Fixture, we also offer custom-made or more specialized plexiglass panels to meet any unique requirement that our customers may have. For example, we can design panels that suit conference rooms. Our team also offers a ‘luxury’ caster-supported panel that can be personalized for the order. These come in a range of colors, and you can even replace plexiglass with wood and other materials. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any special requests.

Plexiglass cleaner: an indispensable ally

Acrylic or plexiglass panels can be very effective in the context of a pandemic, but they can also easily get dirty. And sometimes, conventional cleaners aren’t sufficient to restore their original clarity. Fortunately, you can rely on our special plexiglass cleaner. Not only does it gently clean the surface, but it also restores its shine and keeps dust at bay. More info

Elite Store Fixture: a trusted supplier of acrylic panel dividers

Elite Store Fixture supplies many businesses and has been able to respond to the urgent need for advanced sanitary equipment. We hold a firm belief that by using quality materials in the equipment that we provide to our customers, we can contribute to the health of our community. Contact us; let’s take a look at your sanitary equipment needs together.