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Creation of a custom made mannequin

Custom made mannequins are an asset for any fashion company wishing to stand out from the competition. The clothes are highlighted by the distinction in the choice of poses and by the precision of the measurements chosen. In such a personalized design process, the specialists at ART MANNEQUINS are the perfect accompaniers. You will find in here the different steps to be taken during the course of such a process.

  • First, you will need to approuve the paper prototypes and dimensions we have worked togheter. At this step, if you have any pictures you want to share with us concerning specific wanted features, it will be the time to do so!
  • Second, our Asian factory will start building a clay mold for every ordered pose. Throughout the process, we would send pictures showing 360-degree angles of the items which can include specs in order to have your team to approve the item/mold created. These photos are usually rough, and unfinished so all details are approved before we make the final mold.
  • Once the mold is approved, we will send final photos for your reference of the finished item. Note we can repeat this process as many times as needed throughout revisions.
  • Once final approvals are given, we proceed with production. If needed, we can as well bring some prototypes by air before final approval.